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AGR sources seasonal products from local & regional farms & artisan producers within the United States. We use sustainable seafood & natural, hormone & antibiotic free meats & proteins.

Our menu is constantly changing from season-to-season and with special events, below you can see an example of the types of items we like to serve here at AGR. We ask that you join us for drinks and dinner to experience our latest menu.

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Chef Joe Clarke of American Grocery in Greenville, South Carolina is known for his modern take on Southern classics, as well as a flair for the avant garde. For his new autumn menu, Chef Clarke has created Italian gnudi, replacing the typical ricotta with tangy goat cheese and presenting it alongside a creamy butternut squash purée and grilled fall apples. Gnudi is like a cross between gnocchi and ravioli. The cheese is combined with flour and an egg and then rolled into dumplings similar to gnocchi. They are then covered with semolina flour and cured overnight in the refrigerator so that a delicate crust forms around the pillowy center, similar to a ravioli, only with a lot less work.

American Grocery’s head mixologist, Kirk Ingram, created a cocktail to pair with the goat cheese gnudi, the Autumn Sweater. He brings a creative vibe to the bar infusing bourbon with pecans that he pairs with a housemade Pecan Orgeat and the spiciness of Allspice Dram to create an unforgettable fall cocktail.

If you are creating a menu for a holiday soiree, there is no need to look any farther. “I love this pairing because everything works together in a way that just tastes like Fall,” said Chef Clarke. “The brightness of the drink complements the same in the goat cheese, and the fullness of the bourbon matches the richness of the squash. Gnudi can sound intimating for the home chef, but this recipe is actually quite simple. And it is also a great base that you can match with any of your favorite ingredients during the cooler months.”

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