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AGR sources seasonal products from local & regional farms & artisan producers within the United States. We use sustainable seafood & natural, hormone & antibiotic free meats & proteins.

Our menu is constantly changing from season-to-season and with special events, below you can see an example of the types of items we like to serve here at AGR. We ask that you join us for drinks and dinner to experience our latest menu.

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Charlotte Observer January 2013

Charlotte Observer

Worth the Drive: Head to SC for local fare at American Grocery

by Helen Schwab, photography by Gary Schwab

January 2013                 

We are just a few degrees shy of frozen solid around here. Winter has set in.

We are creatures of habit, perhaps never more so than in the cold. So when better than January to begin a quarterly venture in which we’ll try to shove you out of the warm warren of Charlotte? (Then again, last I checked, it’s supposed to be 72 Saturday, so maybe anytime’s a good time.)

I want to highlight somewhere within a significant but reasonable drive that has a place worth driving for. I’ll tell you about it, get the owner or chef to suggest another place or two in the vicinity, and invite you to share any others you know.

Today: Greenville, S.C., and the handsome American Grocery Restaurant.

Co-owners and spouses Joe Clarke and Darlene Mann-Clarke, both South Carolina natives, opened this in 2007 after stints in New York and L.A., and have kept a relentless focus on the local, the seasonal and the...

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