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AGR sources seasonal products from local & regional farms & artisan producers within the United States. We use sustainable seafood & natural, hormone & antibiotic free meats & proteins.

Our menu is constantly changing from season-to-season and with special events, below you can see an example of the types of items we like to serve here at AGR. We ask that you join us for drinks and dinner to experience our latest menu.

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Southern View Food, foodies, and films join up for finger-licking' good.

Town Magazine

By M. Linda Lee


If slurping potlikker is your idea of fine dining, you'll love the Potlikker Film Festival. Never had potlikker? "This is your chance to down the salty, fatty, green goodness found at the bottom of a pot of greens," says Melissa Booth Hall, events maven at Southern Foodways Alliance (SFA), the organization that sponsors the festival. Either way, mark your calendar for April 9, when this celebrated film festival debuts in Greenville.


Forget about staid cocktail hours and boring documentaries. Styled like a casual Southern social, the festival promises to be an evening of food, films, and fun. Local bands will entertain, local chefs (Joe Clarke of American Grocery; Anthony Gray of High Cotton; Joe and Heidi Trull of Grits & Groceries; and John and Amy Malik, formerly of 33 Liberty) will share their tasty riffs on Southern fare, local beer will be on tap, and short films about Southern food and food artisans will run on a continuous rotation. Attendees can roam between stations, socialize, eat, drink, and watch films that spotlight Southern entrepreneurship amoung them Emile DeFelice of Caw Caw Creek Farm and Glenn Roberts of Anson Mills, both based in South Carolina.


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