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AGR sources seasonal products from local & regional farms & artisan producers within the United States. We use sustainable seafood & natural, hormone & antibiotic free meats & proteins.

Our menu is constantly changing from season-to-season and with special events, below you can see an example of the types of items we like to serve here at AGR. We ask that you join us for drinks and dinner to experience our latest menu.

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Talk Greenville December 2012

Talk Greenville

Cocktails and Kisses: Warm a Cold Winter Day

by Stephanie Morgan, photography by Cindy Hosea
                  December 2012

We are just a few degrees shy of frozen solid around here. Winter has set in.

Our boots have walked so much that they are more or less walking themselves around Main Street. But those shivering within them are making their way to the West End, warming up their frozen fingertips with cocktails from a couple of popular spots showcasing favorite concoctions sure keep locals coming back for more even in the blistering winter wind.

Lucky us. We’ve scored the recipes for the cocktails and we’re sharing, giving you the opportunity to score your own kisses in the warmth of your cozy home.

The chef at American Grocery Restaurant isn’t the only one mixing up fresh and local ingredients. At this seasonally driven farm-to-table restaurant, the bar staff takes their ingredients just as seriously as the kitchen. Darlene Mann-Clarke, co-owner and sommelier, and with her team creates seasonal cocktails utilizing locally sourced ingredients for a creative spin on ‘classic’ cocktail recipes. Every drink is carefully hand-crafted and made-to-order using small-batch and micro-distilled brands.

“AGR’s signature cocktails have won numerous awards..."



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